Connecting You to New Patient Segments Connecting You to New Patient Segments

Connecting You to New
Patient Segments

Join our NationsHearing® provider network to take advantage of all the perks we offer participating providers.

Why Partner with NationsHearing?

At NationsHearing, we are passionate about transforming the lives of those we serve with innovative hearing health care. As the hearing industry continues to evolve, you can leverage our relationships with managed care organizations to gain access to a new segment of patients to help position your practice for success.

We remain the only privately owned hearing company and our network includes 8,000+ providers across the Nation. Additionally, we’re able to reduce your administrative costs and risk by handling patient contact and scheduling, claims submission to insurance companies, and assignment of benefits.


your practice for success in the managed care space


or eliminate patient acquisition costs, including marketing


immediate access to local, regional, and national payer contracts


close rates with more qualified patients


the need to verify benefits, eligibility, and hassle with claims


timely payments and competitive fitting fees

The NationsHearing Model

Joining the NationsHearing Provider Network requires no out-of-pocket cost.

  • Our onboarding process is simple and hassle free. You'll start receiving patient referrals once credentialing is complete.
  • We offer a full portfolio of hearing aids from all leading manufacturers. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best hearing aid model for your patients, at a competitive price.
  • We’ve automated the fitting fee process to ensure you’re paid in a timely manner after each fitting appointment is completed.
Extended Care Coverage Plan

Providers can earn additional income by offering the Extended Care Coverage Plan. The plan includes unlimited follow-up visits for hearing care, adjustments, hearing aid cleanings, and the delivery and set up of any purchased accessories for 36 months from the fitting date.

Managed Care Case Study

At NationsHearing, we help our valued providers stay at the forefront of the competitive hearing care marketplace by helping them grow their practice through increased patient referrals.

Since partnering with NationsHearing in 2017, a California-based provider has experienced significant growth. In addition, the provider portal continues to help the practice save time and money by streamlining its patient onboarding process. Through the partnership, their number of appointments, hearing aids sold, and revenue have been on an upward trajectory.

Since joining the NationsHearing network, my practice has grown exponentially from the number of patient referrals we’ve received. The provider portal streamlines the patient onboarding process by verifying insurance coverage and benefits, enabling us to treat patients quickly and efficiently.”

– Valued Network Provider

How it Works

We are committed to going above and beyond expectations to ensure
we deliver an outstanding experience to those we serve.

A Member Experience Advisor schedules the initial appointment and verifies benefit coverage.

Hearing aid recommendation is given if hearing loss is found during the test.

Provider uses their portal to order hearing aids directly to their office.

Fitting fee is paid 60 days after the provider uploaded the required documents to their portal.

Patient receives educational materials and ongoing support to help improve health outcomes and ensure complete satisfaction.


NationsBenefits offers a full portfolio of hearing aid products from all major manufacturers with no out-of-pocket costs.

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