Outcomes-Based Approach

NationsBenefits’ quality measure improvements are based on a sequence of initiatives designed to improve health outcomes. Through a series of educational interventions delivered during critical intervals, we maximize the quality of care provided to health plan members and prove substantial, long-term health outcomes to members.

In order to prove that outcomes-based healthcare leads to improved care quality and healthcare spending, we adhere to evidence-based best practices. Successful quality improvement requires proactive measures be applied to positively impact the lifecycle of each member’s health, healthcare spending, and health plan benefit offerings.

Outcomes Benefits

We offer a unique member experience that is designed to improve member outcomes while decreasing healthcare spending and increasing health plan benefit offerings.

Customized outcomes interventions result in healthier members

Healthier members result in decreased healthcare costs

Comprehensive benefit management results in improved Star ratings

Improved measures result in high plan flexibility

Higher plan flexibility results in increased membership

Increased membership results in a satisfied health plan

Validation Institute

The Validation Institute, a membership organization made up of healthcare vendors, health benefits advisors, and employer health benefit managers, is focused on delivering and validating better health value and stronger outcomes to the healthcare marketplace.

NationsHearing has been awarded a Certificate of Validation from the Validation Institute for its innovation in examining the comorbidities of hearing loss, such as falling, cognitive impairment, depression, medication adherence, and using our interventions to lessen the impacts of these illnesses. Our treatment program has been proven to reduce the rate of falling in a senior population and thus, decreasing the cost of fall-related hospitalization.

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