Where Can You Access Benefits?

Your exclusive option for ordering online can be found at MyBenefits.NationsBenefits.com

Please note that the Benefits Prepaid Card is not accepted on Walmart.com, but can be used in Walmart stores.

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Use Your OTC Benefits

  • Shop for eligible products

    You can shop for eligible products online or through the Over-the-Counter catalog

  • Shop Online

    By shopping online through the MyBenefits Portal gives you access to nationwide shipping at no additional cost.

Your Personalized MyBenefits Portal

The MyBenefits Portal makes ordering products simple and hassle-free.
You can easily:
  • Search by category, price, and more
  • See product descriptions, images, and related condition information
  • View your spending allowance
  • Order health and wellness products
  • Track your order status in real-time
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