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Program Details

Managed by NationsOTC’s service program, members who have an over-the-counter benefit can purchase health and wellness products, first aid supplies and other qualifying items via phone, online, or catalog mail order with shipping at no additional cost.

Through our partnership with InComm, enrolled members can conveniently shop for CMS-approved products at any of our participating retail locations nationwide. We also manage any benefit dollar amount and offer any combination of phone, online, catalog mail order, and retail channels in customized OTC benefit programs.

Based on our outcomes approach to benefit management and data collected from current OTC orders, NationsBenefits can recommend products and preventative interventions that will help reduce the overall cost-burden to health plans.

NationsOTC Member Benefits Include:

Comprehensive product formulary

Competitive product pricing

Person-to-person support

Immediacy with purchasing

No additional shipping and handling fees

Privacy and discretion assured

Guaranteed product availability

Extensive retail partners

Approved products in one location

No travel required

No added sales pressure

Member Experience

NationsOTC makes the purchasing of over-the-counter products easy and convenient.

Member receives information from their plan regarding their OTC benefit

Member chooses how to order (online, phone, or catalog mail order)

Member places an order for approved OTC products

Member’s order is shipped, at no additional cost, to their home

- OR -Member uses their OTC card to shop at preferred retail locations

OTC Outcomes

The use of OTC products has increased substantially due to consumer-driven healthcare solutions for self-care, and it’s having a direct impact on reducing healthcare costs. Consumers who treat a condition with OTC products are less likely to seek professional medical treatment, allowing healthcare practitioners to focus on patients with more serious health problems and alleviate the cost-burden of unnecessary medical treatments.

60 million

OTC products provide symptomatic relief for an estimated 60 million people who otherwise would not seek treatment


U.S. households spend $338 a year on OTC products


of U.S. adults use OTC products as a first response to minor ailments


of U.S. adults prefer to treat minor ailments with OTC products before seeking professional care

$102 billion

OTC products save the U.S. healthcare system $102 billion annually, $77 billion in clinical cost savings, and $25 billion in drug cost savings


For every $1 spent on OTC products, the U.S. healthcare system saved $6-$7

The availability of OTC products helps to relieve pressure on the healthcare system by empowering individuals to meet their everyday healthcare needs through self-treatment.

Source: Consumer Healthcare Products Association

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