Employers & Unions

Union and employer associations are often aligned when representing their members’ collective interest and they share the same goals when it comes to affordable healthcare and member benefits.


Faced with a competitive talent market, employers are looking at their benefit options as a key driver in recruitment and job satisfaction. Organizations that introduce more health- and wellness-related benefits are showing significant improvement with recruiting and retaining top talent. Studies show that adding wellness benefits not only increases productivity but also decreases absenteeism, improves employee health risks and behaviors, and reduces overall healthcare costs.

Inversely, supplemental benefits offered through employers are perceived as high value benefits by their employees and add to the decision-making process when choosing the right employer for them.


Unions have long been associated with member and worker advantages such as higher productivity, support, advocacy, and job security. Yet the one area where they still struggle is shrinking memberships. Unions are looking at ways to boost their benefit offerings to help retain existing members while attracting new ones.

For union members and workers, health benefits are a central component in most contract negotiations. In fact, unions often have a seat at the table when it comes to bargaining for healthcare benefits. Healthcare providers are now establishing partnerships with labor unions and employers to control spending on health benefits while changing how members receive affordable care.

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