NationsBenefits® recognizes the paradigm shift from patients to consumers. As patients become more responsible for their healthcare decisions, payments, and outcomes, it is only natural that we don’t think of ourselves as just a receiver of care.

Today’s consumers are responsible for driving higher demand for their healthcare experience and expect a more effective and efficient experience across the care spectrum, including wellness, prevention, illness, and chronic care.

To that end, NationsBenefits has positioned itself to excel as a true end-to-end, member-centric healthcare provider.

Here’s what that looks like:

Hearing benefit

  • Clinical research and insights
  • Innovative hearing assessment and long-term care
  • Cost savings for plans and members
  • Unparalleled service delivery
  • Educational interventions and health outcomes

OTC benefit

  • Benefit card management
  • Order online, phone, catalog, or visit retail locations
  • Shipping at no additional cost
  • Apply consumer behavior for repeat orders
  • Outcomes and health impacts

pers benefit

  • In-home and on-the-go medical alert devices
  • Two-way connectivity with trained professionals
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and response
  • Added protection and independence
  • Peace of mind for friends, family, and caregivers

Member Experience

Hearing Benefit With
Our Provider Network

Members can schedule an annual hearing test with no out-of-pocket cost and we coordinate all appointments with a local provider.

  • Schedule Hearing Test

    Call us at 877-439-2665 and speak with a representative who will schedule your no-cost hearing test with a local provider.

  • Hearing Test & Hearing Aids

    If your test results show hearing loss, we help you select the highest quality hearing aids using your hearing benefit.

  • Follow-Up Care

    We work with your provider to fit your hearing aids and schedule all follow-up appointments to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Hearing Benefit With Our
Digital Hearing Experience

Members can use our digital hearing experience to access their hearing benefit from a computer or smartphone with internet connection.

  • Member Portal

    From your computer or mobile device, log into the online member portal to access all your hearing benefits.

  • Hearing Test & Hearing Aids

    Take an online hearing test and if necessary, order hearing aids using your benefit allowance with shipping at no additional cost.

  • Online Representatives

    At any time during the process, you can connect with a representative to assist with questions and follow-up care.

OTC Benefit

Members can order over-the-counter health and wellness products with at-home delivery for no additional cost.

Order Your Products

Log in to your health plan's OTC site, call us at the number provided or use the catalog mail order form, and we'll process your order.

Receive Your Order

We will fulfill your order and deliver to the location of your choice at no additional cost.

Shop Retail

You can also use your OTC Network® card to shop at participating retail locations.

PERS Benefit

Members will have peace of mind knowing they have added protection in the event of an emergency, or when safety or personal security is compromised.

Press Button

When pressing the personal help button on the pendant, wristband or base unit, an emergency alert is sent to an ADT special senior sensitivity trained monitoring professional. Fall detection pendants automatically send an alert if a fall occurs* and an ADT monitoring professional is there to respond.

Immediate Response

An ADT monitoring professional will communicate with members via the two-way voice feature to confirm the emergency and arrange for help. In the event of an emergency, ADT agents can contact loved ones on the member’s behalf.

Get Help

If members are unable to respond for any reason, the built-in GPS helps first responders locate the member in the event of an emergency or when personal security is compromised.