NationsBenefits is on the forefront of innovation, so we can deliver cutting edge hearing solutions to meet—if not exceed—the needs of our consumers.

Our innovative hearing solutions include:

Digital Hearing Centers®

NationsBenefits has launched its innovative and one-of-a-kind hearing assessment and testing platform with a multi-location, free-standing hearing center. Participating partners can order Digital Hearing Centers and we will ship them to the locations of your choice. Within a few minutes, members who visit these locations can complete a hearing test and based on their results, communicate virtually with a hearing healthcare advisor.


Hearing Hunt is our new app that’s a fun and challenging word search game designed to sharpen cognitive thinking while creating an auditory experience for those experiencing hearing loss. The game centers around a multi-themed display with sound clues that require the user to listen and find hidden words while earning rewards. Along the way, users will be presented with related hearing tips and information. Although the game doesn’t require the use of a hearing aid, the benefits of the audible experience works best when paired via Bluetooth® to the user’s hearing device.

The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Virtual Hearing Care

Integrated within NationsBenefits’ hearing assessment properties is our tele-audiology platform. The technology allows members who received a test result to consult virtually with a hearing advisor or follow up with a provider.

Online Hearing Test

NationsBenefits’ proprietary hearing assessment technology allows for convenient and accurate testing through multiple platforms, including desktop and mobile devices, allowing flexibility for consumers to engage in a hearing test wherever they are.