NationsBenefits is on the forefront of innovation, so we can deliver cutting edge hearing solutions to meet—if not exceed—the needs of our consumers.

Our innovative hearing solutions include:

Digital Hearing Centers

Our digital hearing centers are one-of-a-kind assessment and testing application built as a multi-location, free-standing hearing station. Participating partners can order customized digital hearing centers for locations of their choosing and within minutes, members who visit these locations can complete a hearing test and connect with a representative for support.


The Hearing Hunt app is a fun and challenging word search game designed to sharpen clarity of hearing while creating an auditory experience for those with hearing loss. The game centers around a multi-themed display with sound clues that require the user to listen and find hidden words while earning rewards. Along the way, users will be presented with related hearing tips and information. Although the game doesn’t require the use of a hearing aid, the benefits of the audible experience work best when paired via Bluetooth® to the user’s hearing aids.

The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Online Representatives

Integrated within NationsBenefits’ digital hearing experience is our telehealth application designed to connect members with an online representative through video or chat. Support representatives are available to answer questions, provide ongoing care, and guide users through the online member portal.

Digital Hearing Test

NationsBenefits’ digital hearing experience includes clinically validated hearing assessment technology that allows members convenient and accurate testing through their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our digital hearing test allows for greater flexibility so members can take a hearing test whenever, and wherever they’re located.