NationsBenefits is on the forefront of innovation, so we can deliver digital health technologies that increase access and help members engage with their benefit solutions.

Our Innovative Solutions Include:

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OTC Member Portal

The portal provides an e-commerce experience for members with fully branded or cobranded options. Members can use their OTC benefit to purchase medications, health and wellness items, and first-aid supplies with home delivery at no additional cost.

  • Robust search options that give them the ability to filter, sort and search by category, pricing, wallet, and more
  • Product recommendations based on individual needs
  • Expandable product detail pages complete with 360-degree images
  • Benefit tracking to see available dollars to spend on plan-approved products
  • Order tracking with carrier details and frequent status updates

Connectivity Benefit

Although accessing health-related resources and staying connected can be challenging for people 65+, technology can be an invaluable tool to preserving their quality of life. This is especially important for members who are aging in place and experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

With NationsBenefits, you can help your members connect in meaningful ways by offering devices that can be preloaded with health-specific apps and enable access to telehealth appointments from the comfort and safety of home. These devices can also help them regularly check in with loved ones.

  • Current Apple® and Samsung® devices, including tablets and wearables
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and data options on select devices
  • Ability to preload health-related apps that encourage well-being
  • Availability of user assistance for setup and troubleshooting